Rojgar Sangam Yojana Sikkim: Apply Online.

Rojgar Sangam Yojana Sikkim: The Rojgar Sangam Yojana Sikkim is a new initiative by the Government of Sikkim to support educated unemployed youth in the state. Under this yojana, youth who have completed their education from class 12 to graduation will receive financial assistance from Rs 1000 to Rs 1500 every month until they secure employment. The scheme provides monetary support, organizes job fairs, and offers necessary skills training to enhance employability.

Eligible candidates must apply online through the official website to participate in this yojana. This article provides detailed information on the Rojgar Sangam Yojana, including its benefits, eligibility criteria, required documents, and application process.

Rojgar Sangam Yojana Sikkim

What is the Rojgar Sangam Yojana of Sikkim?

Through the Rojgar Sangam Yojana Sikkim, educated unemployed youth of the state from class 12 to graduation are provided with an unemployment allowance as financial help if they do not find a job. Job fairs are organized occasionally to provide employment opportunities, and necessary skills and training are offered to the state youth.

Name of the SchemeRozgar Sangam Scheme Sikkim
Who LaunchedSikkim Government
BeneficiariesEducated Unemployed Youth of Sikkim
ObjectivesProviding Employment Opportunities to Youth
BenefitsProviding Employment and Allowances to Unemployed
Mode of ApplicationOnline
Official Website

You must apply on Rojgar Sangam’s official website to take advantage of all these facilities. All the information is below if you want to apply for the Rojgar Sangam Yojana Sikkim.

The objective of Rojgar Sangam Yojana Sikkim

The primary objective of the Rojgar Sangam Yojana Sikkim is to support the educated unemployed youth of the state by providing them with financial assistance and enhancing their employability. This yojana addresses the pressing issue of unemployment among the Sikkim youth, helping them sustain themselves financially while searching for suitable job opportunities. Here are the detailed objectives of the Rojgar Sangam Yojana:

Financial Assistance

  • Support for Basic Needs: The yojana ensures that the unemployed youth have some financial support to meet their basic needs while looking for employment by providing a monthly allowance of Rs 1000 to Rs 1500.
  • Prevent Financial Hardship: This financial assistance helps to alleviate the economic burden on unemployed youth and their families, preventing potential financial crises that could arise from prolonged unemployment.

Encouragement and Motivation

  • Boosting Morale: The allowance is a form of encouragement for the youth, motivating them to continue their job search without feeling disheartened by immediate financial pressures.
  • Reducing Stress: With the assurance of financial support, the youth can focus more on enhancing their skills and finding suitable job opportunities without the constant worry of financial instability.

Skill Development and Training

  • Job Fairs and Workshops: The yojana includes the organization of job fairs and skill development workshops to provide the youth with necessary training and exposure to potential employers.
  • Enhancing Employability: By offering skills training, the yojana aims to improve the employability of the youth, making them more competitive in the job market.

Employment Opportunities

  • Facilitating Employment: The scheme helps bridge the gap between job seekers and employers by facilitating job fairs and providing a platform for both parties to connect.
  • Long-Term Employment: The ultimate goal is to help the youth secure stable, long-term employment to contribute to the state’s overall economic development.

Economic Stability and Growth

  • Reducing Unemployment: The yojana aims to reduce the state’s overall unemployment rate by helping the youth find employment.
  • Promoting Economic Growth: As more youth gain employment, their contributions to the workforce will help drive economic growth and development in Sikkim.

Social Development

  • Empowering Youth: The yojana empowers the youth by providing them with the necessary resources and opportunities to become self-reliant and successful in their careers.
  • Improving Quality of Life: By reducing unemployment and enhancing employability, the scheme aims to improve the overall quality of life for the youth and their families.

Benefits and Features of Rojgar Sangam Yojana Sikkim

The Rojgar Sangam Yojana Sikkim offers several benefits and features designed to support educated unemployed youth in the state. Below are the detailed benefits and features of this yojana:

Financial Assistance

  • Monthly Allowance: Eligible youth receive a monthly allowance ranging from Rs 1000 to Rs 1500. This financial support helps them meet their basic needs while they search for employment.
  • Duration of Assistance: The allowance is provided for a stipulated period and continues until the beneficiary secures a job. This ensures that the youth have consistent financial support during their job search.

Eligibility and Inclusivity

  • Educational Criteria: The yojana targets educated youth, specifically those who have completed their education from class 12 to graduation. This ensures that assistance is given to those who have invested in their education and are actively seeking employment.
  • Unemployment Focus: The scheme is designed for unemployed youth, prioritising those who genuinely need financial support and job assistance.

Skill Development and Training

  • Job Fairs: Regular job fairs are organized under the yojana to provide a platform for youth to interact with potential employers. These fairs also help people network and better understand the job market.
  • Skill Enhancement Workshops: The yojana includes workshops and training sessions to enhance the skills of the youth. This training helps improve their employability and prepares them for various job roles.
  • Career Counseling: Beneficiaries receive guidance and counselling to help them identify suitable career paths based on their skills and interests.

Employment Opportunities

  • Connecting Job Seekers and Employers: The yojana acts as a bridge between job seekers and employers, facilitating employment opportunities and reducing the gap in the job market.
  • Support for Long-Term Employment: The ultimate goal is to secure long-term employment for the youth, contributing to their financial stability and career growth.

Economic and Social Benefits

  • Reducing Unemployment: The yojana aims to reduce Sikkim’s unemployment by providing financial support and job opportunities.
  • Boosting Economic Growth: As more youth gain employment, their contribution to the workforce helps drive economic growth and development in the state.
  • Improving Quality of Life: Financial stability and job security improve the overall quality of life for the beneficiaries and their families.

Simplified Application Process

  • Online Application: The application process for the yojana is straightforward and can be completed online. This makes it accessible to many applicants and reduces the hassle of paperwork.
  • Transparency and Efficiency: The online system ensures transparency in the application process and efficient handling of applications, leading to quicker benefits disbursement.

Government Support

  • State Initiative: The Rojgar Sangam Yojana is a state government initiative that showcases the Sikkim government’s commitment to addressing unemployment and supporting its youth.
  • Continuous Monitoring: The scheme is continuously monitored and evaluated to ensure its effectiveness and to make necessary adjustments for improvement.

Additional Features

  • Skill Certification: Beneficiaries who undergo skill training receive certification, which adds value to their resume and enhances their job prospects.
  • Inclusive Growth: The scheme promotes inclusive growth by ensuring that even the economically weaker sections of society have access to job opportunities and financial support.

Comprehensive Support

  • Holistic Approach: The yojana takes a holistic approach by providing financial assistance and focusing on skill development, training, and job placement.
  • Sustained Development: By continuously updating the skills of the youth and providing ongoing support, the scheme aims for sustained development and long-term impact on the state’s economy.

Eligibility of Rojgar Sangam Yojana Sikkim

The Rojgar Sangam Yojana Sikkim is designed to support the educated unemployed youth of the state by providing financial assistance and enhancing their employability. Specific eligibility criteria have been established to ensure the benefits reach the intended beneficiaries. Here are the detailed eligibility requirements for the Rojgar Sangam Yojana Sikkim:


  • Resident of Sikkim: The applicant must be a permanent resident of Sikkim. Proof of residence, such as a residence certificate, is required to verify this eligibility.

Educational Qualifications

  • Essential Education Requirement: The applicant must have completed a minimum of class 12 education. This ensures that the scheme targets those who have attained a certain level of education.
  • Higher Education: The yojana also caters to graduates, ensuring that those who have completed their college education but are still unemployed can benefit from financial assistance and employment support.

Age Criteria

  • Minimum Age: The applicant must be at least 18 years old. This age requirement ensures that the yojana is targeted at adults who are legally eligible to work.
  • Maximum Age: While no upper age limit is generally specified, the yojana targets young adults who have recently graduated or completed their schooling.

Employment Status

  • Unemployed Status: The applicant must be unemployed. This yojana is specifically designed to support those actively seeking employment but have not yet secured a job.
  • Proof of Unemployment: Applicants may need to provide documentation or a declaration to prove their unemployment status.

Skill and Training Certification

  • Skill Certificate (if applicable): While not mandatory for all applicants, having a skill certificate can be beneficial. Applicants with specific skill training can provide these certificates as part of their application.
  • Preference for Skilled Applicants: Additional skill certifications that align with Yojana’s objective of enhancing employability through skill development may be preferred.

Documents Required for Rojgar Sangam Yojana Sikkim

  • Passport Size Photo
  • Mobile Number
  • Email ID
  • Aadhaar Card / PAN Card
  • Residence Certificate
  • Educational Qualification Certificate
  • Skill Certificate (if any)

Rojgar Sangam Yojana Sikkim 2024 Application Process

The Rojgar Sangam Yojana Sikkim aims to support the educated unemployed youth of the state by providing financial assistance and enhancing their employability. To avail of the benefits of this yojana, eligible candidates need to follow a systematic application process. Here are the detailed steps to apply for the Rojgar Sangam Yojana Sikkim 2024:

Step 1: Visit the Official Website

Rojgar Sangam Yojana Sikkim
  1. Access the Website: Open your web browser and visit the official website of the Rojgar Sangam Yojana Sikkim. Make sure you have a stable internet connection for a smooth application process.

Step 2: Registration

  1. Find the Registration Option: Look for the ‘Registration’ or ‘Apply Online’ on the official homepage. This option is usually prominently displayed to help applicants quickly locate it.
  2. Click on Registration: Click on the registration link to start the application process. This will open the registration form on your screen.

Step 3: Fill in the Registration Form

  1. Personal Details: Please enter your details, such as name, date of birth, gender, and contact information (mobile number and email ID).
  2. Educational Qualifications: Provide information about your academic background, including the highest qualification attained and the institution’s name from where you graduated.
  3. Residential Information: Enter your address details to confirm your residency in Sikkim. Make sure the information matches your residence certificate.
  4. Employment Status: Indicate your current employment status to confirm that you are unemployed and eligible for the Yojana.

Step 4: Upload Required Documents

  1. Passport Size Photo: Upload a recent passport-sized photograph.
  2. Identity Proof: Upload a scanned copy of your Aadhaar or PAN Card for identity verification.
  3. Residence Certificate: Upload your residence certificate to prove your residency in Sikkim.
  4. Educational Certificates: Upload scanned copies of your educational qualification certificates, including your class 12 and graduation certificates.
  5. Skill Certificate (if any): If you have any skill certification, upload the relevant documents.

Step 5: Review and Submit

  1. Review Your Information: Carefully review all the information entered in the registration form. Ensure all details are accurate and the uploaded documents are clear and legible.
  2. Submit the Form: Once you have verified all the information, click the ‘Submit’ button to complete your application.

Step 6: Confirmation and Application Number

  1. Receive Confirmation: You will receive a confirmation message or email after submitting the application form. This will include an application number, which you should note for future reference.
  2. Please keep a Copy: It is advisable to keep a printed or digital copy of the submitted application form and the confirmation message for your records.

Step 7: Application Status

  1. Check Status: You can check the status of your application by visiting the official website and entering your application number in the ‘Check Status’ section.
  2. Follow-up: Check for updates or notifications regarding your application. The authorities might contact you via email or SMS for further verification or information.

Important Tips

  • Accurate Information: Ensure that all the information you provide is correct and matches your official documents. Incorrect or misleading information can lead to the rejection of your application.
  • Document Clarity: Make sure the scanned copies of your documents are clear and readable. Blurred or incomplete documents may delay the verification process.
  • Timely Submission: Submit your application well before the deadline to avoid any last-minute issues or technical problems.

Summary of Application Process

Visit WebsiteGo to the official Rojgar Sangam Yojana Sikkim website
RegistrationClick on the ‘Registration’ or ‘Apply Online’ option
Fill Registration FormEnter personal, educational, and residential details
Upload DocumentsUpload photo, ID proof, residence, educational, and skill certificates
Review and SubmitCheck all information and submit the form
ConfirmationReceive confirmation message with application number
Check StatusMonitor application status online


The Rojgar Sangam Yojana Sikkim 2024 is a vital initiative by the Government of Sikkim to support educated unemployed youth. By providing financial assistance, skill development opportunities, and job placement services, this yojana aims to enhance young residents’ employability and economic stability.

The straightforward online application process ensures eligible candidates can easily access these benefits. This scheme alleviates financial stress and empowers youth with the necessary skills and opportunities for long-term employment, contributing to Sikkim’s overall socio-economic development.

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